Assignee Wellbeing Workshop Series

Developed by Leap To Lead for TEMi

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Find out how you can integrate this program into your wellbeing strategy and greater support your assignees and their families unique needs

Assignee Wellbeing Workshop Series

Living abroad is challenging. There are so many decisions, so many things to think about. It can lead to stress for assignees and their family. Not just during the physical move but in the months and years after as well. Research has clearly demonstrated that unhappy and unsettled assignees and their family unit play a key role in failed international assignments.

However, assignees need not feel overwhelmed. This workshop series is designed for assignees and their partners and makes for a valuable contribution to your employee wellbeing, experience and retention strategies.

Live, Interactive Workshop with experienced transition and leadership coach

Workshop every 2 months

30 minutes with Q & A throughout

This Workshop Series Explores A Variety Of Topics Affecting Families Living Abroad


The biggest fear with assignees and their family is not seeing loved ones again. The pandemic has prevented people from being close to those they love and the fear continues to exist.

This workshop is designed to acknowledge the fear, it is normal, but it doesn’t have to overtake the relationship with our family. There are practical steps that can be used to maintain strong connections with ‘home’.


Raising a family is challenging, doing it in a foreign context can be overwhelming. Yet, we need not succumb to the overwhelm.

There are simple strategies that you can apply every day that will not only make your life easier, but will support your family to thrive while living abroad.


The nature of expat life puts a lot of pressure on you and your relationship with your partner. And the state of your relationship has a huge impact on how you parent your children as well.

Discover the simple steps you can take to reduce the pressure on your relationship and connect on a deeper level.


One of the hardest things about living abroad is trying to make new friends, while often pining for what your ‘old’ friends are up to back home. Because it’s hard, we often latch onto the first person that makes us feel welcome. However, these are not always the best relationships for us while living abroad.

Learn how you can navigate finding friends and create your new community.


Your purpose is your motivation, the reasons you get up in the morning. It can guide the decisions you make, influence your behaviour and create meaning. Your purpose is unique to you. What you identify with as your path, may be very different from others. Your purpose can shift and change throughout life, especially with a big change such as an expat assignment. As a result, and for many our purpose becomes illusive.

Discover the steps you can take to define your purpose.


While children are resilient, they often struggle with change. There are steps you can take as a parent to support them through a change process – whether it’s the start of a new school year; or relocating to a new home.

Learn the steps you can take to reduce their overwhelm and support them.

Workshops presented by Emily Rogers, The Leap To Lead

Emily is an award winning Transition and Leadership coach. Having lived abroad for over 20 years, her family has spent 12 years moving around Asia, relocating to Auckland, New Zealand at the end of 2019. Both her daughters were born in India, and raising a family in a foreign context has literally transformed their lives.

Emily has experienced first hand what it feels like to move your family and settle into a new country. Dealing with the variety of challenges that living abroad presents, she has developed systems and processes that allow her to settle her family faster and easier. She now uses these systems and processes to support her clients.

With The Leap To Lead, Emily combines her personal experience and professional career in Human Resources to provide support for assignee partners. Working with Emily is your opportunity to provide the care and support that your assignee and their family needs. Whether it’s their first move, fifth move or repatriating, you can prevent the potential failure of their assignment.