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Influencing Mobility

Are you ready to take the next step in your career, but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you’re leading a team, but need a little support yourself? Need direction, motivation and inspiration?

Our free coaching program is for you!

Valued at over $4500 AUD, this incredible program, developed in collaboration with leading transformation consultants Spark and Rumble, is currently free for all TEMi members, credited to your account the moment you join.

Now is your chance to experience professional development like never before. This powerful and interactive coaching program is just one of the fantastic free programs we’re offering our TEMi Talent members.

As trusted advisors to employees at all levels, talent mobility professionals are constantly under pressure to support staff with their expertise, while pioneering new mobility policies and programs.

This year, TEMi is focusing its growth and capability space on ‘Influencing Mobility’.

Our professional development spaces help build critical communication, leadership, collaboration and influencing skills and provide opportunities to practice them in a safe and supportive environment, with courses grounded in cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices.

Enjoy Our 6-Session Coaching Program

(TEMi Talent Members Only)

Resilience and adaptability – how to do good in a noisy changing world

We open our coaching year with a question – how do we succeed, progress and do good when the world around us is moving at such an incredible pace, truth is relative and complexity is increasing? Assuming this is the new normal – how do we create spaces and practices that enable us to progress and do good for ourselves, our families and our teams? The answer is both a four letter word and a 7 tiered framework!

Resilience and stress – understanding and mastering stress and burnout

Emotions are at the core of our experiences AND all our decision making. The experience of stress and burnout is often part of this fast-moving demanding world. Together we deepen our shared understanding of stress and burnout and identify practices that support us and those we lead through these experiences.

Designing for trust – designing environments and experiences that build trust

Trust is the foundation of all human collaboration and belonging. It is at the base of all commerce, leadership, innovation, performance and well-being. In our session we will deepen our understanding of trust and psychological safety and identify design principles to enable us to build trust into our varied relationships.

Communicating to Influence – combining communication foundations and the science of persuasion and influence

This is the first of our Communication series.

In this session we continue building our communication capability with a focus on persuasion and influence. We learn the difference between manipulation and persuasion. We explore why pressure never works and what the science shows us that does.

Sounds of silence – how to have the challenging conversations we avoid

In the second session of our communication series, we explore the un-saids and the silences of communication. Why does so much remain un-said? Why do we avoid important conversation? Who gets hurt? And as always – what practices can we build to ensure we have the conversations we so desperately need to have.

Mastering negotiations – how to negotiate win-win

To end our year, and looking ahead, we delve into our 3rd and final communication session combining all we have covered in 2024 through a masterclass in negotiation skills. What is it we want to make happen in 2025 and who do we need to negotiate with? Setting you up for those conversations that will progress your 2025 aspirations.

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Talent Mobility Coaching Program

What To Expect

Face-to-face team development sessions (1.5hours) facilitated by our Organisational Development Expert Noa Rein

Expertise and knowledge building on each topic – including extra resources for those who wish to deep dive

Practical application and practice in every session

Access to ongoing professional development as needed

A strong supportive mobility community

Remote access

Your Personal Coach


TEMi Executive Coach, Spark & Rumble

Noa is a passionate People professional working with individual humans and businesses to design fabulous high performing work environments. In her coaching Noa combines a depth of understanding of human behaviour and industry experience as a Strategic HR Professional to design workplaces that work for humans.

Noa partners with TEMi to achieve the holy grail of business – positive people experiences and strong commercial outcomes!

Noa brings experience as a Organisational Psychologist, Researcher, HR Professional and Business Consultant to achieve  long-term high performance, by designing for positive human experience.

Position Yourself For Success

Whether you work in-house delivering your organisation’s mobility program, or in a business that provides support services to facilitate workforce mobilisation, you need to engage with diverse stakeholder groups.

As the ever-evolving talent mobility industry becomes more complex, the need to effectively communicate messages to influence stakeholders – and to personally manage the stress that comes with the dynamic of an increasingly diverse portfolio – will only continue to escalate.

This six-session Coaching Program has been designed to help you navigate these challenges while enhancing your communication and leadership skills. 


“I just wanted to express my thanks for these sessions . They’ve been so thought provoking and insightful.” 

K. Thomas, Global Mobility Lead, Macquarie Group


We’re high on enthusiasm and genuine collaboration (and low on self-promotion and sales pitches).
We’re established (20 years+) yet continue to evolve based on what members want and need.
We’re (proudly) local and focused on global talent management issues relevant to Australasia.


Get a little help in elevating your personal voice and your mobility function.

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