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TEMI Huddles: Series 1 – Inbound & Domestic Talent Mobility Practitioners

This quarterly roundtable series is ideal for professionals responsible for recruiting and/or mobilising individuals and their families across country or state borders. Practitioners will typically be the sole talent mobility professional or one of a team responsible for service delivery.

 *Limited to 12 members per series.  Participants required to commit to all 4 sessions in the series.

TEMi Huddles: Series 2 – Local, Regional, Global Department Heads

Tailored for departmental heads or team leaders, this quarterly roundtable series is ideal for those responsible for the strategic and/or operational aspects of their organisations talent mobility or international recruitment programs on a local, global or regional basis. Participants in this series will typically lead a team of professionals, oversee the organisations compliance obligations and range of services delivered to the entities mobile workforce within their geographic remit.

 *Limited to 10 members per series.  Participants required to commit to all 4 sessions in the series.

Talent Mobility Coaching Program

Whether you work in-house delivering your organisation’s mobility program, or in a business that provides support services to facilitate workforce mobilisation, you need to engage with diverse stakeholder groups. As the ever-evolving talent mobility industry becomes more complex, the need to effectively communicate messages to influence stakeholders – and to personally manage the stress that comes with the dynamic of an increasingly diverse portfolio – will only continue to escalate. This six-session Coaching Program has been designed to help you navigate these challenges while enhancing your communication and leadership skills.

Virtual Meet-Ups

These live virtual meet-ups promise to be not only informative but also interesting and uplifting. They are a chance for you to come and experience TEMi. As with everything TEMi does, we strive to ensure that when you leave each event you feel even better than when you arrived. These virtual meet ups are an opportunity for you to connect with people outside your normal geographic limitations, discuss important issues, and tap into a broader pool of knowledge and perspectives. Whether you’re extroverted and eager to contribute or more on the introverted side, these sessions cater to all. Additionally, we have expert guest speakers lined up to share insights, discuss industry developments and keep you engaged. So come along, take a listen and leave with a sense of connection and positivity. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll join the TEMi Talent Tribe so you can benefit even more from the wide range of programs on offer.

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