Skill Up To Lead Culturally Diverse Teams

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TEMi Accredited CPD

Open To TEMi Members & Non Members


Explore why cultural diversity matters in the workplace and how multicultural teams can benefit your organisation.

6 weeks

100% on-line, on-demand

Accreditation available

Digital Microcredential when completed

Complete one stackable short course as a standalone credential or stack multiple short courses and build towards a full postgraduate degree at Deakin.

What You'll Learn

During the short course you’ll:

  • reflect on cultural diversity within your own organisation and how culture influences your own perspective
  • investigate the opportunities and challenges of culturally diverse teams and how to work with these
  • develop strategies to lead culturally diverse teams and multicultural team members.

How You'll Learn

Go at your own pace with support from your educator and fellow learners during online learning activities and discussions.

Complete your course within 6 weeks, including the assessment, or take extra time and use the regular assessment submission windows to complete within 20–26 weeks of your enrolment.

How You're Assessed

Prepare a written report for an organisation containing recommendations and strategies for managing and leading culturally diverse teams based on the real-world experiences of your peers and yourself, including:

Part A – interviews
Create an interview protocol (5 to 10 questions) and conduct interviews with two or three peers.

Part B – written report
Write a 2000-word report, plus text transcripts of interviews (generated from recording interviews).

Developed by Deakin University

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