Webinar Tuesday 17 October: TEMi Talks Tech

Striking the balance between touch and tech: Human interaction vs digitisation (how much is enough?)

Balancing the benefits of relocation technology with human interaction to find the perfect service delivery model can be tricky.

What is the successful equation when it comes to taking advantage of the efficiencies digitisation offers, while providing a supportive and caring experience for the people we relocate?

In this TEMi Talks Tech session with Kay Kutt, CEO of Silk Relo, Matt Gilford, Mobility Manager for Woolworths and Rachel Daly, Senior Human Resources for HR Telstra, hosted by Sue Latina-Cohen, General Manager Global Relocations for Toll Transitions, we look at best practice around the world and offer tips for pinpointing which elements of the relocation journey should be automated, and where assignees benefit the most from human interaction and support.

  • Benchmark your automations vs human interactions
  • Discover where others are focussing their personalisation
  • Hear from Telstra and Toll and Silk Relo on what works best in the market including APAC and within particular talent mobility programs
  • Participate in discussions regarding current challenges and opportunities

This free event is open to TEMi Talent members and non-members

About the panelists

Sue Latina Cohen

General Manager, Global Relocations Toll Transitions

Sue has over 40 years of global mobility experience, holding a number of leadership roles within Cartus in the USA and Cendant Mobility Australia (now Cartus) locally throughout this time.
Sue is currently responsible for the strategic guidance of the Toll Transitions Corporate portfolio, ensuring a high level of quality account management and customer service is in place for all clients. Sue has worked for Toll for over 13 years and holds a CRP and GMS accreditation with Worldwide ERC and has been a proud Member of TEMi since its inception.
Born in the US, Sue is now an Australian citizen and has moved several times, treasuring her personal and family experience as a relocatee.

Kay Kutt

CEO Silk Relo Ltd

Kay Kutt is the CEO for Silk Relo Limited (formerly known as Asian Tigers Mobility Limited), a leading relocation service provider in Asia. With offices in 13 countries throughout Asia, Silk Relo’s core services include Visa & Immigration as well as Destination and Moving Services. Kay has more than 25 years in senior leadership roles and more than 20 years in the relocation industry, holding a number of board positions throughout this time, for organisations such as the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).
Born in Canada, Kay has relocated numerous times throughout her life, within Canada and the USA, Saudi Arabia and China, and most recently, Hong Kong.

Matt Gilford

Mobility Manager Woolworths

Matt is a Global mobility and HR professional who is passionate about helping clients deliver lasting, sustainable improvements to their mobility programs, to ensure their internationally mobile employees receive the right level of support. Having worked for one of the Big 4 accountancy firms in London and Sydney before joining Woolworths in Sydney, and having experienced international assignments himself, he offers significant insight into managing large mobile workforces and what it takes to ensure a positive experience for mobile employees.

Rachel Daly

Senior Human Resources Telstra

Rachel Daly (Hocking) brings over 20 years’ experience in the Global Mobility sector, having held positions at Sirva Relocation and currently working for Telstra Corporation within the Reward, Performance and Global Mobility area.
Rachel has had extensive experience with the implementation, management, and coordination of global mobility programs and new Global Mobility IT systems. Recently, Rachel has been focused on developing Global Mobility flexible work policies and processes that enable Telstra Group employees to do their current home location role from a different country.

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