Webinar Wednesday 4 October: TEMi Talks Tech

Creating a business case for mobility tech

TEMi recently launched an all-new (free!) event series, TEMi Talks Tech, to help educate practitioners on the technologies available to support them in their roles – have you registered for an event yet?

In October, Workia Co-CEO, Oliver Trundley, will discuss the value and reasons for using mobility technology and offer examples of business cases that companies have used to support adopting it.

Workia Product Manager, Cathy Koslowski, will also share the business case she created while woking as Global Mobility Director for Jacobs, and her drivers for it.

This TEMi Talks Tech session will offer you:

  • Insights to help you develop a business case for adopting mobility technology in your organisation
  • A look behind the scenes of Workia – an affordable mobility management platform for practitioners managing 20-200 moves.

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