Odri Fernandes

TEMi Leadership Coach

Odri Fernandes is an inspiring leadership and business professional.
Being on her own personal and professional development over the past 15 years has led her to help Business Leaders discover who they are, explore life’s possibilities, overcome limiting mindsets and create an inspiring action plan to achieve their personal and professional goals.

She has overcome a plethora of personal tragedies with 9 years of hospital rounds fighting through mum’s battle with cancer, domestic abuse in her marriage of 8 years, coupled with workplace bullying post 12 years of working in the corporate space. Through her life experiences and believing in the driving force of leadership, she has been able to touch and change thousands of lives with a mission of transforming a million lives by 2030.

Being a creative businesswoman for more than 7 years, speaker, coach, and facilitator, Odri engages individuals and teams to motivate and develop mindset and leadership skills and knowledge so they can create, develop and innovate businesses that allow them to have more time and energy to spend with those they love the most.
She is called the guru in breaking down complex Leadership concepts to make them seem simple and easy for every single one to find the leader within. Odri is a highly engaging speaker, who is passionate about helping leaders realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

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