Whether you have one team member abroad or several people working remotely, leading a virtual team presents special challenges. How do you ensure accountability when you don’t see your people every day? How can you get your team to communicate effectively when they’re navigating language barriers and time differences and relegated to communication channels, such as email and instant messaging, that invite misinterpretation? Leading an effective virtual team is possible-and this book will give you quick tips and strategies for managing your team productively, no matter how far flung its members might be.

Leading Virtual Teams guides you through the basics of:

  • Assessing your team’s technological needs
  • Ensuring your team has the right mix of skills and abilities
  • Clarifying the processes, goals, and tools you’ll use to communicate and collaborate with your team
  • Keeping your people motivated and engaged-and accountable
  • Navigating common challenges, such as technology glitches, isolation, conflict, and performance issues