2021 TEMI Awards nominations open soon!

2021 Australasian Workforce Management Awards

TEMI Awards program again in 2021, with new awards and an even bigger and better gala, hosted live in Melbourne Friday 12 November. Today we’re unveiling the 2021 award categories and awards, so you can get you thinking about nominations, which open next week on 1 June! This year we’ll again be offering two ways to nominate:

Don’t miss your opportunity to support your global workforce management peers, build your profile and advance the global talent mobility industry. Check out the award categories and start planning your nomination today.

Leadership Excellence Awards Global Mobility Champion of the Year  This award recognises the individual within our community who is most committed to making a difference – whether it be the organisation they work for, their peers, their colleagues, their profession, or the community around them.

Global Mobility Team of the Year This award recognises teams who foster co-operation, collaboration, and open communication, working together to successfully deliver operational excellence, share their knowledge and add value to advance the organisation’s mobile workforce strategy. *This award may demonstrate how a mobility team has worked together to respond to the challenges raised by COVID-19 over the past 12 months. Individual actions or initiatives can also be nominated through the Pandemic and Emergency Response Award.

Mobile Workforce Initiative of the Year This award celebrates the initiative over the last 12 months that has had the greatest impact on an organisation’s globalised workforce and brings together the nominations from the Business Advancement and Employee Engagement categories. Judges will select an overall winner from these categories based on the initiative which most positively supported new ways of working, achieved commercial growth, and better supported the people and environment in which they work. *The initiative may have been in support of a mobile, virtual, or remote workforce.

Business Advancement Awards
 Best Mobile Workforce Transformation This award recognises the organisation which has undergone a significant change, reform or transformation of employee mobility within the last 12 months. The change, reform or transformation must have achieved successful outcomes, significantly impacted and/or resolved a significant business requirement.

Best Workforce Mobility Innovation  This award recognises organisations and/or individuals who have implemented a new and innovative business solution within the past 12 months with the aim of disrupting the traditional approach taken to mobilising a global workforce. The innovation will have played a significant role transforming the user experience within the organisation or the industry.

Best Corporate & Service Provider Partnership This award recognises the partnership between a corporate organisation and service provider that over the last 12 months has delivered an exceptional experience to key employee mobility stakeholders, supporting the organisation’s business, people and talent strategy.

Best Global Awareness Initiative This award recognizes the individual, organisation, or employee mobility team that over the last 12 months has taken specific actions to instil global awareness into their mobile and/or remote workforce; or which has created a program to celebrate, support or enable an inclusive and diverse global workforce for their organisation.

Employee Engagement Awards Best Pandemic & Emergency Response This award recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contribution of an organisation in supporting its ongoing business strategy and mobile workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, and may include an action, initiative, or specific response by an individual, team or whole organisation to challenges created by the pandemic. *Initiatives impacting the whole of organisation can be nominated through the New Way of Working – Mobility Partner Award.

Best Mobile Workforce Wellbeing Initiative This award recognises the organisation that over the past 12 months has proactively prepared for and responded to challenges experienced by either physically mobile or virtual employees working in a rapidly changing global landscape, and the impact this has had on their wellbeing. *Initiatives deployed or actions taken will be either in support of the broader organisation’s wellbeing strategy, or specific to globally mobile or virtual assignees. Where the response is specifically related to COVID-19, this may be nominated through the specific Pandemic & Emergency Response Award.

New Way of Working 2021 Mobility Business Partner  This award recognises the organisation which has most successfully embraced the new way of working through their onboarding, work-from-home, work-from-anywhere, flexible, or virtual working arrangements pre, post and during the pandemic. This Award specifically acknowledges the mobility function which has successfully worked alongside the broader organisation to combine global talent management and/or mobility strategies or practices into the new way of working.

Spotlight Awards 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award This award provides global mobility leaders the opportunity to formally recognise and reward their teams’ efforts. It recognises the contribution of individuals who have gone above and beyond the everyday scope of their responsibilities, or those who have excelled in the execution of a particular task, initiative, or process within the last 12 months. *All global mobility industry leaders are encouraged to nominate members of their team, whether corporate or service provider. Nominations can sit at any level of experience.  This award will recognise multiple individuals and achievements.

GMP1® Graduate Excellence Award This award recognises the Global Mobility Professional (GMP1) ® graduate who has demonstrated exceptional performance and scholastic achievement throughout the GMP1 certification course. The GMP1® graduate will have demonstrated a strong understanding of the foundations in key mobility disciplinary areas learnt throughout the program, as well as demonstrated positive learning behaviours and the ability to apply key learnings to real time situations. …….

The 2021 TEMI Awards will provide a local platform for the industry to come together, recognise and acknowledge the significant achievements made, and innovative solutions implemented, throughout the year. We look forward to your nominations! If you want to let your customers and colleagues know that you value their passion and commitment to talent mobility, now is your opportunity to play a part in supporting professional development within the industry and ongoing recognition of those who strive to achieve operational excellence.

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