Employee Wellbeing: The Quest For All Companies With A Mobile Workforce

A Quest for all companies with a mobile workforce In 2017, 2.2 million Australians flew for work purposes. While relocating talent temporarily or permanently is valuable for a company, the employees’ health and wellbeing may suffer in the process. Research has found that not all companies are completely aware of the emotional, physical and mental toll constant travelling takes on employees and their families, especially those with young children. When an employee travels for business, maintaining their productivity, health and close relationships with their partner and children becomes difficult because of long absences. In a survey, 75 per cent of World Bank Group staff said they found travelling extremely stressful. It negatively affected their spouses and families too. These issues can affect an employee’s work performance, health and mindset, and companies need to consider these factors during short or long-term relocations.


Did you know 36 to 54 per cent of travellers suffer health issues like traveller’s diarrhoea, insomnia, respiratory and skin problems? International travellers may also suffer from stress, anxiety, culture shock while overseas. It can force the employee to take sick leave, cause homesickness and delays to project timelines, which costs the company time and money. By making the employee’s and their family’s health and wellbeing a priority, companies can ensure the success of the domestic or international relocation, and keep costs down.


All of the facilities and services provided by Quest Apartment Hotels are centred around the health and wellbeing of their guests. Guests stay in comfortable and spacious surrounds with all the facilities they’d have access to at home and more. The best thing is that all 170 Quest properties across Australasia offer the same quality accommodation and services, so no matter where the relocation, travellers and companies know what to expect. Travellers experience all the home comforts they’re used to along with personalised services making the relocation an enjoyable rather than a stressful experience. Guests can choose to stay in one, two- or three-bedroom spacious, executive apartments with fully equipped kitchens (fridge, microwave, hot plates, cooking utensils and dishwashers). Relocated employees and their families can cook their own meals in the comfort of their suites, thus providing familiar nourishment important for maintaining good health. Food shopping can be a bothersome chore for some guests who may be working long hours and can’t get to the shops frequently. Quest provides a pantry-filling service which replenishes food items regularly, so guests always have their favourite items in the pantry and eat meals on time, without wasting time going down to the shops. Properties are conveniently located close to CBD, and near various transport options. Quest’s newest property on the South Perth Foreshore allows access to entertainment, shopping and dining options for travellers. Guests don’t feel cut off or isolated because they’re close to amenities and can explore the area at their leisure.


Lack of support during relocation can make the employee and their family unhappy, stressed and increase the time it takes to settle into the new location, affecting their mental and emotional health. With family resistance cited as the number one reason why many employees refuse relocation opportunities or come home early, companies need to do all they can to ensure the wellbeing of their mobile workforce and their families especially in the first 90 days, said to be the make or break period. Employees relocating across states need as much support as those relocating overseas as the challenges faced are similar, for example, unfamiliar place and lack of support networks. Every Quest property is run by a local franchisee, someone familiar with the area and all it has to offer. Quest managers offer advice on schools, best parks and trails around the area and medical services providing useful insights and information for relocating employees and their families. Having someone local present to guide and offer advice on what to see or where to eat can take the pressure off the employee trying to work and look after their family in a new place. Quest’s personalised service can reduce the isolation for the employee, their family and help them develop a positive mindset enabling a smooth transition.


Companies are increasingly operating in a global economy across multiple locations and time zones and business travel is a common requirement for most roles. Support for employee health and wellbeing needs to be part of a company’s relocation strategy if the transfer of skills and talent is to be successful and profitable. Quest services are designed to cater to the business travellers’ or relocated employees’ every need, from housekeeping to babysitting to dry cleaning services to restaurant cashback arrangements for guests wishing to dine out. Our concierge looks after each guest individually and ensure they are fully comfortable and have their needs met.
If you’d like to speak with Quest regarding relocation accommodation or long stay accommodation for your employees, please call Lynn Wolf, Customer Relationship Manager on 1800 334 033 or email  lwolf@questapartments.com.au

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