How Businesses Can Provide A Better Onboarding Experience

Article by: Jan Pacas As a former CEO with the ultimate responsibility for hiring around one hundred employees every year, it often takes months and months to find a great candidate to fill a key role in your team or organization. There is nothing more frustrating than finding that the person you choose doesn’t perform, or even worse, performs well but resigns within their first year. Yet this occurs all too regularly in organizations, and more often than not it is the fault of the organization, not the new hire. How and why is this so? Let me give you my view. In my experience the ‘hiring to onboarding’ ratio of time allocated by managers is way out of whack. Much more time should be spent onboarding, however after a lengthy and potentially exhausting recruitment process, many hiring managers run out of energy to ensure the new hire has a great onboarding experience. Yet the research is clear that 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment (source: Bersin) and 33% of new hires look for a job within their first six months! (source: HBR) More often than not this is an outcome of poor onboarding. Fortunately today’s technology can greatly assist managers to improve the onboarding experience. When combined with some good old fashion human touch elements, onboarding can become a powerful driver of individual, team and company performance.

We at Flare believe that we can help you to give your new starters a really great first impression of your company.  Flare provides an intuitive cloud based platform accessible via computer or mobile device based on today’s best practice onboarding principles. Our onboarding process covers all the essentials; it creates an employee contract, collects all the employee data that they fill in only once, sends that data to the ATO, informs the new hire about important policies, gives the employee the chance to make an informed decision about their super fund, life insurance and more.  At the same time, we designed it to really help to get everyone emotionally engaged with your company and feel a great first touch of your Brand. This includes features like a welcome video where you can communicate your company vision, some personalized questions (like your favorite sports team, beverage & movies), a small symbolic gift (if you want to do so) and of course last but not least, an opportunity to say a few words to your new team. One of the best things, and why I am so passionate about Flare, is that we not only provide state of the art onboarding software, but cover the entire employee lifecycle – from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between – performance reviews, training and learning, a centralized employee record system, connection to payroll and much more. It also  provides leading class employee benefits. Oh and by the way Flare is totally free!

Jan Pacas Managing Director Flare
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