How to keep your employee mobility skills up to date

  • Policy changes

Stay well-informed about changes in corporate policy which can occur very often and affect the entire industry. Margaret McCartney, Founder and CEO of Expat International explains: “Corporate policies change frequently in terms of handling tax, benefits, health and length of assignment. These impact the entire HR perspective of relocating employees and their families. Accordingly, it is important to gain as much relevant education as possible and stay current with the broadly developing components that constitute professional knowledge as it relates to employee mobility and on-the-ground information and detail.”

  1. Continued education

 Participate in industry-specific and reputable programs such as The Employee Mobility Institute’s ‘Workforce Travel Safety Seminar’ which will take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in August 2014. The seminars will benefit HR practitioners, global mobility administrators and management teams, recruitment, procurement, business managers and people managing or operating a mobile workforce. Attendees will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the current and future trends in global mobility.
  • Find out about industry-specific trends.
  • Learn how the Australia mobility market may vary from global trends.
  • Identify how their company’s mobility program compares to those of survey respondents.
  • Have the opportunity to exchange views with other mobility professionals.

TEMI’s courses, seminars and webinars will endow participants with a current professional knowledge which can be applied directly to your business. McCartney commends the programs: “The Employee Mobility Institute’s newly devised training initiative is a timely and valuable development for Australian-based operators wishing to expand and maintain currency of their knowledge in these areas.”

  1. Communication

There are several ways to network and communicate with others in the industry. This allows for an open exchange of ideas and to learn from each other.

  • This may begin with sharing your experiences with your colleagues and discussing challenges and achievements.
  • Try actively participating in an online community such as The Employee Mobility Institute’s LinkedIn group or Facebook page which provide discussion topics, information about upcoming events, industry news reports and a unique opportunity to connect with other industry professionals who are also members.
  • Our blog is also a great way to consider issues relevant to employee mobility and will feature interesting articles, interviews, practical case studies and personal accounts.

Thank you to our expert:
Margaret McCartney, Founder and CEO of Expat International.
To register for TEMI events, please visit the Events and training webpage or contact us. atti McCarthy, Cultural Chemistry Cross-cultural Consulting and Expatriate Coaching  

Lana Lachyani

Lana Lachyani Freelance Writer Tel:+61 434 842 255   Lana Lachyani is a Melbourne-based Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant. Lana lived overseas for several years, working across Europe and the Middle East before returning to Australia in 2012

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