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August motivation

You start a new job with high levels of motivation and enthusiasm, looking forward to the aspects of the role that compelled you to apply. Yet over time your natural state of motivation is reduced. Why?

According to renowned organisational researcher Dr David Sirota’s Three- Factor Theory, human motivation in the workplace is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. The organisation’s goals are not in conflict with employees’ goals
  2. Employees have basic needs that organisations should try to meet
  3. Employee enthusiasm is a source of competitive advantage

Your natural motivation at work declines, he argues, from bad organisational practices and poor conditions. To build enthusiasm and motivation again focus on these three key elements:

  • Equity – Do you feel you are treated fairly at work?
  • Achievement – Do you have important, useful work, and are you recognised for it?
  • Camaraderie – Do you have good relationships with your colleagues?

One of Sirota’s other findings was that of these three, the equity/fairness element is the most fundamental and must be addressed first.Fairness includes you feeling physiologically and economically safe, believing that you are receiving fair compensation as it can represent respect and achievement, and that there is an environment of respect.We are more likely to feel increased motivated if our organisation demonstrates that they value us having a reasonable work life balance, treat employees equally, provide sufficient and appropriate autonomy, give positive feedback and recognition, and we feel that they pay attention to our needs.

If your motivation has dropped, working out how to readdress and improve these factors is a good first step. The same applies for any team members with reduced motivation.

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