Monthly Motivation from Ready Resilience – July


Ready Resilience helps organisations thrive during times of change and challenge, using practical neuroscience-based resilience tools that have been proven to offer in-the-moment solutions and long-lasting results.

July motivation

You know you need to get started but are lacking motivation.

If past failures are holding you back, then one approach is to give yourself a ‘fresh start’.

According to a study by the Wharton School of Business, we often link fresh starts with key temporal landmarks such as those on a social calendar (e.g. the start of a month, quarter or year), momentous life events (e.g. birthday, wedding or promotion), or significant public events (e.g. holidays).

If you ask most brides, the anticipation of their wedding day motivates them to look their best, leading to workouts and dieting on a scale never attempted before…and often never again!

According to the research, it’s believed that these temporal landmarks create mental accounting periods enabling us to relegate past imperfections to a prior period. This helps us to effectively wipe the slate clean and have the motivation to begin again.

Try linking one of your current goals to a temporal landmark to give yourself a burst of motivation.

Mark it in your calendar ideally breaking down how many days to go. Bite sized time chunking will be less overwhelming. It will also enable you to focus on smaller sub tasks which have a higher chance of success.

Sharing your landmark goal with others for accountability will also hold you in good stead.

You can however choose any date or occasion to affix importance to. Today could be as good as any.

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