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The first step to any relocation is packing. When handling precious items, this should be completed with specialist materials, such as industry approved bubble wrap, tybek (a synthetic paper used for pieces with difficult surfaces, allowing the piece to breathe) and made to measure crates to ensure your artwork is protected from any number of environmental hazards and damage during transit. Risk to artwork is more than just excessive heat or humidity, it can be damaged by the very oils in a person’s hands or the bacteria naturally occurring on our skin. A Grace Mobility Specialist will be able to ensure you receive a white glove service. Our specialist teams use industry leading materials and methods to safely pack and move your previous items. Those selected for our Fine Arts team are chosen for their methodical approach, focus placed on completing a task properly and carefully, rather than just speedily.


Using the correct materials, such as designed for purpose boxes and crates, will protect your items from external damages. Custom fit crates will reduce movement within the box during transit, reducing the risk of damage substantially. International relocations provide additional complications through custom regulations and import laws. Prior to moving, it is best to visit the official government websites for your home and destination country to identify specific regulations applicable to your belongings. Grace’s team of experts can manage these complications, as well as your entire suite of mobility needs. Our Mobility Specialists maintain in depth knowledge of international and national requirements, knowledge shared by our Fine Arts teams, who are experienced in assisting in the movement of international exhibitions for museums and galleries.


Fine art and antiques are susceptible to damage caused by a range of environmental factors, including heat, cold, humidity and light. These fragile pieces are designed to be on display on your walls, not bounced around in moving trucks. The Grace Fine Art team ensure they are safely packed and whether during transit or in storage, your art is protected from damp, heat and damaging UV. Art is best kept in a dark, dry environment removed from sources of heat, humidity and sunlight. It should be kept off the ground, preferably in secure facilities to reduce risk of theft. Grace Fine Art trucks and storage spaces are specially designed to maintain precious artwork and antiques in our care. This includes strict climate-controlled transport and storage options, ensuring an optimal level of temperature and humidity is maintained at all times.


It isn’t enough to simply protect fine art from the elements and environmental risks. Storing precious belongings in a locked and secure room will protect your investments and family heirlooms. Professional facilities will offer 24-hour surveillance and restricted access to ensure you receive additional layers of protection. Grace Fine Art storage facilities offer a full suite of security systems across our climate-controlled vaults, available in every major city.


Despite the measures you take to protect your art in transit and storage, there are risks that are beyond our control. This can span from severe weather events through to border protection and customs officers opening packaging to inspect an item. Insurance is necessary to provide you with peace of mind.


Just as you’d trust a professional for your important mobility needs, you need a professional to best safeguard your fine art and antiques. Grace Fine Art are experts in the provision of transportation and storage for priceless items, including paintings, delicate ceramics, antiques, sculptures and other valuables. Our team is experienced in the safe handling and movement of fine art, are supported by electronic inventory and tracking services, climate-controlled storage facilities and built for purpose packing materials. When using Grace’s mobility services, you also have access to our diverse range of services, including the transport of art, antiques and luxury items. Through a single point of contact, you can be assured your relocation needs are being met on all fronts.

Published by: The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI), September 2019


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