Resilient Leadership November 2023 (Wendy Jenkins OAM)

Resilient leadership tips November
Resilient leadership tips November


Ready Resilience helps organisations thrive during times of change and challenge, using practical neuroscience-based resilience tools that have been proven to offer in-the-moment solutions and long-lasting results.

November 2023 Resilient Leadership Tips

Leadership extends beyond strategy and management; it involves crafting an environment that nurtures employee wellbeing.

The physical workspace is often underestimated yet plays a pivotal role in shaping the mood and productivity of your team.

One neurochemical that plays a crucial part in fostering a positive environment is serotonin.

Known as the mood stabiliser, serotonin influences feelings of happiness, contentment, and overall wellbeing so can be used strategically by leaders to enhance the workplace experience for their team.

You can kickstart a serotonin surge by introducing natural elements.

Harness the power of natural light, achieved through a thoughtful workspace layout, which contributes to mood regulation and heightened positivity.

If natural light is lacking, consider adjustable smart lighting such as blue light to improve reaction times and enhance mood, bright white light to mimic daylight to promote alertness, and warm white light leaning towards the red end of the spectrum which tends to have a calming effect.

Indoor plants, carefully positioned, bring not just visual appeal but also enhance air quality, transforming the workspace into a serene haven.

The repetitive fractal patterns found within plants can also generate alpha brain waves leading to a calm, restful state of mind.

Consider ergonomic furnishings and champion functional yet comfortable spaces that are more conducive to serotonin release.

Prioritise aesthetics where possible as no-one wants to work in a drab uninspiring space.

Embrace colours, artwork, and design elements that resonate with vibrancy and creativity.

A visually appealing workspace is also about cultivating an atmosphere that inspires and invigorates.

By understanding and strategically utilising serotonin-influencing elements, you can pave the way for a workspace that not only supports the productivity of your team but also enhances their overall wellbeing.


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Wendy Jenkins is the founder of Ready Resilience, Co-Founder of the Lungitude Foundation, Speaker and Lung Transplant Survivor. Ready Resilience helps organisations thrive during times of change and challenge, using practical neuroscience-based resilience tools that have been proven to offer in-the-moment solutions and long-lasting results. Having been told she had two years to live over sixteen years ago, Wendy is driven to help people transform their perspective on challenges in life. To find out more visit

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