Collaboration Lowers Costs Delivering Stress-free Relocations For Telstra

Telstra and Toll Transitions - Service Provider Collaboration 2019

Collaboration lowers costs and delivers stress-free relocations for Telstra An open and solutions-focused partnership between Telstra and Toll Transitions was recognised with the Most Valued Service Provider Collaboration Award at the 2019 TEMI Gala Awards.  Telstra is synonymous with telecommunications in Australia but it is also a global technology company, employing a contingent workforce of around 300 people in 20 foreign countries —with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Telstra partners with Toll Transitions to relocate Telstra staff to where they need to be—from recent graduates on their first overseas assignment through to senior executives with large families. Toll takes care of assignment briefing, relocation services, removals and expense management, as well as management of third-party providers. Having worked together for eight years so far, the strong relationship between Telstra’s global mobility team and Toll Transitions’ team is built on honesty and shared goals.

Partnership delivers value and flexibility Previously, Telstra worked with a relocation company with a single provider global model, but this approach did not provide the flexibility Telstra were looking for. Toll Transitions was engaged through a formal RFP process to manage all aspects of global relocations under a brokerage service model that delivers superior value for money and flexibility. Senior HR team member from Telstra, Rachel Hocking, said, “The process of moving can be very stressful for people and by engaging with Toll as the central vendor they simply take all the stress out of the process for the employees and for Telstra.” “If there is an issue, Toll is very proactive and always find a solution to a service problem,” Ms Hocking said. “We know at Telstra that the Toll team will also ensure the employee’s needs are met, that they are following policy, and always in a cost-effective way.” “It’s all about flexibility, it’s all about trust, and it’s all about respecting each other and then finding that common goal and the solution.” “Toll are always bringing us new ways of improving our relocation processes and will always provide suggestions on how we can do better,” she said. Ms Hocking cites the example of how Toll identified that Telstra could achieve significant time and cost savings by switching from using insurance provided by removalists to a more streamlined provider, with Toll taking responsibility for managing claims. Ms Hocking said having one contact point for brokering services globally simplifies expansion efforts and ensures Telstra can work with providers that meet their needs rather than being locked-in to one provider. She highlights the occasion that Toll and Telstra worked together to meet with and select a new provider when Telstra launched operations in the Philippines, which involved coordinating the movement of 30 people from four different countries. “The Toll team provided us with a dedicated Account Manager and Assignment Managers based in Perth to manage the time zone requirements for the employees.” “The project was a great success and we even received comments from the Head of Manila operations at the time on the way the team managed the movement of our staff.”


Geoff Price from Telstra said that essentially outsourcing relocation management while maintaining a close working relationship with Toll helped Telstra to “work smarter and more effectively.” “Toll provides a service that is very heavily built on their strengths around relationships, and that suits us in terms of what we’re looking to achieve in terms of customer experience and employee experience as they move around the globe.” Toll’s global mobility leaders, Franca Napoli and Sue Latina Cohen, agree that the partnership’s success is underpinned by both companies sharing a service-focused objective. Ms Napoli said, “It’s all about the service, it’s all about the passion—it’s what our team brings to the table in terms of helping and supporting our client.” “We’re an extension of Telstra in that respect, so it’s been a fantastic relationship developed over many years. Every year brings its own challenges, with its own unique requirements for solutions.” Ms Latina-Cohen added, “With that comes great rewards because you feel like you are part of a larger process—a bigger goal.” “You’re contributing in a team environment with a really open, honest, and dedicated client and it makes our people want to be part of that and make each relocation a success,” she said. It also makes assignees happy. Rachel Hocking from Telstra said they consistently get positive feedback from talent about Toll’s attention to detail and personal care. “Toll is a true business partner who really takes away the stress from the employee and the administration that is required to move people, which in turn gives Telstra’s Global Mobility Team the ability to focus on other value-added activities,” Ms Hocking said. To learn more about the other 2019 TEMI Award winners and to see some of the evenings highlights, visit


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