The Employee Mobility Institute partners with Workia to increase new technology uptake

TEMi has partnered with Workia to promote the benefits of leveraging new technologies to local talent mobility practitioners.

TEMi Founder Deborah de Cerff said TEMi was proud to expand its network of trusted partners and help Australasian businesses remain competitive against their global counterparts.

“New technologies have catapulted workforce management professionals into an era of unprecedented operational efficiency; automating daily tasks, communications, and reporting; improving filing and storage; and enabling collaborative supplier management,” Ms de Cerff said.

“However many local practitioners are too focussed on ‘touch vs tech’, and as a result, they are lagging behind.”

“While the ‘people side’ of talent mobility will always be most important, digitisation is becoming the norm, and organisations of all sizes need to consider how they can automate and modernise, to enhance efficiencies and improve employee experience,” Ms de Cerff said.

Backed by its parent company, the IT giant Equus Software, Workia is the ‘middle ground’ for small and medium-sized mobility programs seeking to transition from manual spreadsheets to digital move management.

Workia Co-Founder Oliver Trundley says the platform is ideal for those who prefer intuitive products that require no configuration, over the bells and whistles that come with high-end enterprise technologies.

“Workia is affordable, and moreover, you don’t need IT training to use it, it ‘just works’,” Mr Trundley said.

TEMi and Workia have commenced an educational webinar series for workforce management professionals, to improve understanding of the value and reasons for using mobility technology.


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