TEMi Talks Tech free webinar series

TEMi recently launched an all-new (free!) event series, TEMi Talks Tech, to help educate practitioners on the technologies available to support them in their roles – have you registered yet? Throughout these events we share the latest talent mobility technologies and a variety of approaches to adopting them. From small-scale to comprehensive, ‘enabler’ to ‘self-service’, we dive into the cost-effective solutions you need to fulfil your role – tailored for your budget, team size, in-house capabilities and assignee numbers – that provide key data points and enhance stakeholder experience.

The series looks at solutions for small to medium size populations and also large multinationals.

Our first event, delivered in partnership with Crown World Mobility, was specifically aimed at those with smaller assignee pools (under 150 moves per annum), to educate on the opportunities available to leverage current vendor services and consider a scalable approach to adopting technology – you don’t have to commit to all or nothing, there is an in-between! If you missed it, feel free to each out for the event recording.

Coming up, in partnership with global consulting firm, Mercer, we’ll be looking at real world examples of recent assignment management technology implementation. We’ll go behind the scenes of Mercer’s Mobility Management Platform, and hear about Mercer’s exciting partnership with Work From Anywhere, diving into some of the challenges practitioners currently face regarding remote working compliance, and discovering tools that can help add context to work from anywhere decisions, thereby reducing risk. You can register for this event here.

We have more to come later this year!

In October, in partnership with Workia, we’ll discuss the value and reasons for using mobility technology and offer examples of business cases that companies have used to support adopting it. Workia Product Manager, Cathy Koslowski, will also share the business case she created while woking as Global Mobility Director for Jacobs, and her drivers for it. You can register for this event here.

Later, in partnership with Toll Transitions, we’ll look at best practice around the world and offer tips for pinpointing which elements of the relocation journey should be automated, and where assignees benefit the most from human interaction and support. This event will feature guest panelists from Silk Relo, Telstra and Woolworths. You can register for this event here.

We’ll follow this theme into 2024, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and register (or subscribe to our enewsletter for event notifications, delivered straight to your inbox).

TEMi Founder Deborah de Cerff said TEMi is proud to promote the benefits of leveraging new talent mobility technologies, and help advance the industry in this regard.

“The ‘people’ side of talent mobility will always be most important, however digitising where appropriate can increase efficiencies, and improve the employee experience tremendously,” Ms de Cerff said.

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